Hedge Structure Considerations

  • Business objectives
  • Capital structure objectives
  • Structure: term, amount, strategy
  • Market timing
  • Breakage scenarios and considerations
  • Maintaining maximum refinancing flexibility
  • Tailor suited final hedge structure

Hedge Documentation

  • We help negotiate all hedge related documentation and will work with your attorneys to focus on key factors
  • Coordinate execution and return of documentation
  • Negotiate Credit Support Annex (“CSA”) when appropriate


  • Explain billing process
  • Explain first and future invoices
  • Answer ongoing questions


  • Coordinate hedge execution with provider by providing standardized term sheet to all potential hedge providers
  • Assist with rate lock at closing to ensure fair and accurate pricing
  • Analyze anticipated interest savings


  • Assist with proper Hedge Designation
  • FASB 133 considerations
  • Provide sample Risk Management Statements
  • Quarterly mark to markets (mtm)
  • Effectiveness testing

Hedge Confirmation

  • Coordinate receipt of all hedge confirmations
  • Verify accuracy of all agreed-upon terms
  • Return executed confirmation to hedge provider